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G82 M4 test drive review by Sport Auto

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Google translation of the article:


Shortly after the Große-Kuppe link curve already fits that fourth wave, the three-liter inline six-cylinder engine pushes finally plenty of torque
on the gearbox. Now: buttocks fluff together, yours take some gas away, because still would one of the wet low coefficient of friction in the fast RalfWaldmann Kink well over the curbs wear. Doesn't have to be. Yet: The new BMW M4 interacts (interlock) insanely consistent with the damp Asphalt. Both with the front as well as the rear wheels.

So much that the BMW M team even has one Predecessor M4 Competition with DKG) deployed to both generations experience in direct comparison to can. In fact, the good one fulfills old acquaintance F82 all expectations turns in committed, turns quickly,
however, never leaves any doubt on its drive concept: All power to the rear.

With the new G82 (the number 2 stands for the coupe) you are not yet once in the legendary and tricky Omega of the Sachsenring, as your lateral acceleration and knowledge alike drive through the body:

This M4 can do everything better. Better at driving at least. And much better. The bite of the front wheels alone; this turn-in punch after now
no more milliseconds pass until the stern follows and under the current conditions quickly in the control electronics network.

No, now the entire car is spinning at the moment of the steering impulse around the Vertical axis, twists with highest natural agility through alternating curves (Omega exit uphill over the! my God!),
bravely keeps the given line, is moving even closer than before to the driver. As the? The communication just right, no matter if via the steering or the chassis - you always know what's going on, trust
nevertheless to the M, you a relaxed Allow long-distance trip.

The current M puts far less emphasis on suspension comfort than before. And this is good thing. What the boys are up to and girls in development have particularly focused?

,,We have a lot in the direct connection of the chassis invested", says
Carsten Wolf, Project Manager Vehicle Characteristics M3 / M4.
The engineer doesn't say much more wants the details for the world premiere in September but one:

,, And the progress in the Tire is immense". New: mixed tires
dimension 275 / 35-19 front and 285 / 30-20 rear. Plus six instead
Four-piston fixed caliper brake on the front axle with carbon ceramic
rotors, both when in doubt as option. In general: the selection.

So to speak, for the first test rounds the entry-level drive we have the, 480PS, six-speed manual transmission.
The market launch comes at the same time competition variant with 510 hp Eight-speed automatic transmission, later this is followed by an all-wheel drive in the mold of the M5/M6 - possibly a generation too late is coming. Because the mechanical grip turns out to be so much higher than before, comes another role of stability with significantly improved programming, even in a full protection case
works right now in the lower curve where it is particularly rut:
seems to be. Before the Queberg curve down two gears, just because it's fun, not because it would be necessary. One downshift would have been enough.

Asphalt evaporates
On the start-finish straight, going through the precise and short gear changes are a pleasure, not too smooth, with beautifully modelled resistance, as well in the steering, which - typical of BMW - even on the racetrack in the comfort mode gives a particularly homogenous feeling of steering. The ideal line dries out, lap after lap the M4 can put more and more of its maximum torque 600Nm down, the competition makes even 650 Nm easy.

You sit perfectly positioned behind the steering wheel in gripping, since the X3 / X4 M finally with an extendable thigh pad provided sports seats, can work. May work.

Do you want less playful instruments, for me virtual, but just a classic layout.

And somehow more Sound, more panic orchestra, fitting on driving behavior. Yes, sure, the biturbo S58 is already making music, sometimes bassy, sometimes brighter, sometimes slightly metallic, always hoarse, still somewhat washed out, like an overcompressed MP3 track. LP would be again nice, or at least an early one CD, as music still expensive was produced.

But the M4, by the way, not drives differently than the M3 and reversed, successfully strives to get you to sweep away with its outrageous agility, the engine supports with thrust and joy of turning, the best the 80s, 90s and 2000s, so to speak.

You use it, enjoy it, toil fight with the course, register the immense traction in the Dry, because even with the motivated Accelerate out of the Feel left turn after the karting hall you delicately indicated in the palms Oversteer. You are welcome be more, the electronics intermediate stage MDM will channel it.

With lots of momentum through Turn 9, 10 and 11, the line gets tighter, full throttle downhill, then drop anchor, no problem, with a clearly defined pressure point and great deceleration.

And: switch back. Easy, out the wrist. Hence again Gear more than necessary. Just because it's so nice to do so...


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hâte de la voire en finition définitif tout a était amélioré ça doit être quelque chose quand même. 

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